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What is a mobile friendly website?

Affordable-websites-website-design-company-dublinAffordable-websites-website-design-company-dublinA mobile friendly website is a website that displays on portable devices like a smartphone, , iPads, iPhones and tablets.  The mobile friendly website is easy to read on mobile phone screens and are 1/5th the size of a PC/laptop screen.

When creating a mobile friendly website we will ensur the website’s navigation, screen layout, images & text, video player re-adjust themselves on all mobile devices. This will eliminate the need to spend money on creating a mobile version and another desktop version of your website.

Now you are up to scratch with what a mobile friendly website is we will now show you  advantages as to why a mobile friendly website is an important factor to your website.

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Advantages of a mobile friendly website/responsive website

Affordable Web Design - www.affordablewebsites.ie1. Complete Flexibility

Responsive Websites are fluid, meaning the images and content adapt freely across screen resolutions on all devices. Just as a liquid spreads out or draws in to allow its content to fill the space and retain its appearance, responsive web design’s fluidity gives the same result with website content on a device screen.

2. Superb User Experience

There has been numerous situations when a friend sends us a link to  a website through text or email and when we try to open the link on our smart phone or tablet the website is coming up scattered and all over the place. If this happens to your current website you are guaranteed you will lose that potential customer visiting your website as they will not make heads nor tails of it. Recent studies has revealed that almost 60% of users who had trouble reading through a companies website because it was not a mobile friendly website was uninspired to return to that website in the future.

3. It Will Give You An Advantage Over Your Competition

There is a big possibility that your competition has not yet upgraded their website to be a mobile friendly website and this gives you the competitive edge on the competition. The best way t check if this is the case is to visit your top 5/10 competitors websites and see who has a mobile friendly website, then you will be able to dictate how much of an edge this will give you over the competition as search engines are starting to push  a mobile friendly website ahead of standard html static websites.

4. Recommended By Search Engines Like GoogleGoogle mobile frinedly website - cheap web design dublin

It is becoming the industry standard to have a mobile friendly website/responsive website.

Google say’s and i quote “a mobile friendly website/responsive website  is recommended for mobile configuration, and preference will go to mobile responsive websites in the future on search engines.

The reason being is mobile friendly website have one website address, regardless of device its easier for Google to crawl & index the website.

5. SEO Benefits of Responsive Website Design

A mobile friendly website will improve rankings on mobile friendly search engines and will also allow placement in a various number of mobile directories. This will increase you chances of ranking well among Google mobile search and other search engines.

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